Friday, 19 September 2014

Anna Sui, Shu Uemura and Paul & Joe Holiday 2014 Links

For close-up pics of the Anna Sui Holiday Sweets collection, check out Beautist. For close-up pics of the Shu Uemura Shupette collection including the white furball charm GWP, see this Beautist article. And for close-up pics of the Paul & Joe holiday collection, see Biteki and Beautist.

RMK Holiday 2014

This year, RMK is releasing two holiday makeup kits instead of their usual one. The Christmas Kit 2014 A and B will retail at 8300yen each. Each set includes an eyeshadow quad, cheek duo, nail polish, lipgloss and pouch. The eyeshadow and cheek cases feature illustrations inspired by Manhattan in winter.

There is also a Christmas Base Make Kit 2014 (8000yen) which includes the cream foundation, makeup base, face powder, treatment oil and lotion. Pics from Biteki. The official release date is not stated but these can be reserved starting 24 October. They should be launched in early November.

Pic below tweeted by Tomoichi. This looks like another pass for me. What's up with the onslaught of fugly pouches in this year's Japanese holiday coffrets?!

Jill Stuart Holiday 2014

Jill Stuart will release this quartet of Jelly Lip Gloss N (2200yen each), nail polishes (1500yen) and Crystal Bloom solid perfume (5000yen) on 5 December in Japan. Pics from Voce.

Below are the official product visuals of their Prima Grace Collection (7500yen) due out on 7 November in Japan. The packaging is pretty but the shades are a snoozefest.

Highlight & Face Powder 101 Romantic Step

Velvet Crystal Eyes 104 Ballerina Tutu

Jelly Lip Gloss N 102 Dreamy Attitude

Crayon Eyeliner 101 Classic Tiara

On 21 November comes this Relax Fresh Hand Gel (2000yen) with a white floral scent, Relax Hand Cream White Floral (2400yen for 74g; 1200yen for 30g, LE) and Relax Hand Cream R Tuberose & Rose (2400yen for 74g; 1200yen for 30g, LE).

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ettusais Creamy Lip Crayon

Ettusais will launch a limited edition Creamy Lip Crayon (2.5g, 1200yen) in five shades on 16 October in Japan. Formulated with rosehip oil, these are fragrance-free with SPF18 PA+++ and glide on with a creamy consistency even on dry lips.

Maquillage Dramatic Rouge

Maquillage will undergo a rebranding as "New Maquillage" starting with the launch of its new Dramatic Rouge lipstick line with 10 shades on 21 November in Japan. Formulated with a beauty oil, super hyaluronic acid, glycerin, water-soluble collagen, rose oil and a brightening 'mood up pearl', it is supposed to combine the qualities of being hydrating, longlasting and pigmented. This will be followed by cheek and face colors and a fragrance on 21 January, foundations on 21 February and more shades of Dramatic Rouge on 21 March. Mizuhara Kiko continues as the brand spokesmodel, together with the new addition of Hasegawa Jun.

The shade names are as follow:
OR221 Kira Kiss
BE322 Honey Beige
BE723 Bitter Caramel
RD324 Red Velvet
RD425 Innocent Glamour
RD526 Melty Red
PK227 Trap Pink
PK728 Pink Taboo
RD329 Rose Rendezvous
RS530 Rose Brilliant

Anna Sui Holiday 2014

Anna Sui will release its Holiday Sweets collection in two batches. First up on 1 November are the two Holiday Sweets sets, each containing four shades for the eyes, lips and cheeks. These will retail at 5300yen each. There will also be a limited edition mirror, bath tablets and nail polishes to be released on 4 December. Pic tweeted by Abe Sawako.

Pic below by Voce.

Addiction Tokyo Jazz Coffret Holiday 2014

Here are better pics of the Addiction Tokyo Jazz coffret. I'll be passing on this year's set as the mustard yellow and the pouch just do not look that appealing. Pic below tweeted by Abe Sawako.

Pic below by Tomoichi

According to Voce, this nailpolish set will be released on 5 December and retail at 5400yen.

Shu Uemura Shupette Collection

Here's the full list of products and sets in the Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Shupette collection, due out on 1 November in Japan. There will also be gifts with purchase such as a tote bag (for 12000yen purchase), a flat pouch (for 7000yen purchase) and a Choupette charm (for 5000yen purchase).

Shupette Christmas Palette Kit (9000yen)

Shupette Has It All Palette (8 eyeshadows, 6 lip colors) - this is only available as part of the Palette Kit.

My Precious Glitter Set (4500yen): Loose glitter powder in pink, gold and platinum.

Rouge BonBon Fantasy Trio #1 (3800yen): Sexy combination of magenta, violet and pink

Rouge BonBon Fantasy Trio #2 (3800yen): Girlish combination of salmon pink, deep red and deep pink.

Eye Need Shu Trio #1 (3800yen): Pressed eyeshadow trio

Eye Need Shu Trio #2 (3800yen)

Pamper Me Face Powder Pearl (4500yen, 20g): Velvety face powder with pink and gold pearl

With Love From Paris Brush Set (6500yen)

Fabulous Cat Nail Enamel (1700yen)

I Need Shu Eye Lash (2600yen)

Ultime 8 Supreme Beauty Cleansing Oil (11500yen, 450ml)

Fairy Fantasy Premium Lash (8000yen)

Tsuya UV Under Base Mousse Moist Peach (4000yen)

I Need Shu Liner Midnight Black and Gala Brown (2400yen)

Shupette Flare Eyelash Curler (1200yen)

Shupette Tsuya Kit (8000yen for 30ml version, 10500yen for 50ml version): Includes Tsuya Cream (to be officially launched in 2015), Tsuya Essence, Tsuya Lotion and Cleansing Oil.

Silk Cushion Cheek Pink (3000yen)

Silk Cushion Cheek Orange (3000yen)

Shupette Makeup Trunk (24,000yen)

Shupette Christmas Foundation Kit (from 7800yen)